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Start & Share



Basted in HURRICANE’S ORIGINAL rib sauce and then grilled until tender. Served with one choice of either chips, sweet potato fries, side salad or baked potato with sour cream and chive. Not all sides are GF 

Rib weights: half rack – 600g, full rack – 1Kg



We carefully select and serve the highest quality cuts of Australian prime beef and lamb, from both grass-fed and grain-fed sources. Our steaks are expertly basted with Hurricane’s signature steak basting while being grilled to your preferences. All our steaks are accompanied by your choice of either chips, sweet potato fries, a side salad, or a baked potato with sour cream and chives.
Not all sides are GF. 

Hurricane’s Signature Cut Steaks

We have partnered with farmers, selecting some of the best steak cuts that are grain-fed, hormone-free, and raised in a pristine environment – from paddock to plate. Our chargrill technique ensures they are cooked to perfection, capturing the rich flavor of the beef. These cuts are ideal for sharing between two people. Not all sides are GF.  


Side Orders

Beyond Steaks


Hurricane’s Burgers are prepared fresh daily, combining the finest ingredients in each burger. They are basted with our secret sauce and then char-grilled to perfection. Our burgers are served with your choice of chips, sweet potato fries, a side salad, or a baked potato topped with sour cream and chives.

Mini Menu

Mini meals are served with a choice of chips or baked potato or carrots and cucumber sticks

All mini meals are for children 12yrs old or younger


Please note: Additional 10% surcharge on Weekends and Public Holidays. 
Additional 1.5% surcharge for all credit cards.
For any special dietary requirements please see our wait staff.
All menu items and pricing are subject to change and availability without notice